MobiQuip is Attracting New Sponsors and Partners

MobiQuip initially founded in Pennsylvania, stands out in the American mobility industry thanks to its up-to-date technology. Since 1986, they have been striving to develop their unique mobility ranges: from a perfect design to complex and well-structured functionality.

Being on the owner of the most reliable technical products, MobiQuip attracts multiple partners from all around the world, including financial entities and real estate agencies, interested in sponsoring the mobility equipment company.

Recently, QuickCashLoans, the USA lending entity, has expressed interest in starting a business relationship with the company by funding their current development and implementation. The American financial organization assumed covering the costs aiming at the delivery improvement.

The service consists of initial delivery and installation of any mobility aid product offered by MobiQuip: scooters, powerchairs, adjustable beds, or recliner chairs. Thanks to significant funding support provided by QuickCashLoans, MobiQuip offers exclusive delivery service with no charge at all. Moreover, they offer a free yearly warranty on any of their purchased goods.

QuickCashLoans considers the partnership is definitely forward-looking as MobiQuip possesses a customer-first philosophy. It means that the company is strictly oriented at their customers’ preferences and requests. Such an approach would enhance the credibility of potential consumers, elicit long-term and reliable cooperation, as well as produce positive results.