Monarch Smarti Folding Scooter

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The Monarch Smarti folding mobility scooter is one of the easiest to use, lightweight, and safe scooters available on the market.

We will as standard, deliver, unpack, install & demo all powered goods bought from us at your home.


Monarch Smarti Mobility Scooter

The Monarch Smarti is a small class 2 automatic Folding Scooter & Mobility Scooter manufactured by Monarch.

A remote key fob controls the folding and un-folding of the scooter making it easy to use.

Safe, Comfortable, Easy To Operate Folding Scooter

The Monarch Smarti folding mobility scooter is one of the easiest to use, lightweight and safe scooters available on the market.

Just when you think their isn’t anything else, it is incredibly easy to store with its remote control open and close functionality.

This makes the scooter easy to pack away and get out for use in seconds.

The scooter has a reliable and very dependable frame with its solid puncture proof tyres and a total weight of just 24kg.

Car Transportable Scooter

The Smartis compact design makes it the perfect car transportable scooter.

This also makes it very easy to use on public transport including aeroplanes and cruise ships thanks to its lithium battery.

The Monarch Smarti scooter comes with a carry handle which allows for you to carry the scooter by your side.

Alternatively you can pull the scooter along the floor just like a suitcase.

Monarch Smarti Features

This scooter has a great amount of features and that make it a great contender for your next scooter.

  • Remote Control Folding Mechanism
  • Manual Folding (if needed)
  • Delta Handlebars (Incredibly easy to use)
  • Puncture proof tyres
  • Lithium Battery/batteries.

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MobiQuip are one of the UK’s leading Mobility Goods suppliers.

We have years of experience in the mobility industry and have been supplying mobility scooters, folding scooters and more including the Monarch Smarti for over 15 years.

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<h4 style=”font-weight: bold; color: #28225c;”>Technical Spec</h4>
<div class=”flex multiple” style=”font-weight: 500; color: #28225c;”>
<div class=”c_50 bold” style=”font-weight: bold;”>Maximum Battery Range (Miles):</div>
<div class=”c_50″>10</div>
<div class=”c_50 bold” style=”font-weight: bold;”>Type of Batteries:</div>
<div class=”c_50″>Lithium-ion</div>
<div class=”c_50 bold” style=”font-weight: bold;”>No of Wheels:</div>
<div class=”c_50″>4</div>
<div class=”c_50 bold” style=”font-weight: bold;”>Type of Tyres:</div>
<div class=”c_50″>Solids</div>
<div class=”c_50 bold” style=”font-weight: bold;”>Maximum Speed (mph):</div>
<div class=”c_50″>4</div>
<div class=”c_50 bold” style=”font-weight: bold;”>Maximum User Weight:</div>
<div class=”c_50″>136kg (21st)</div>
<div class=”c_50 bold” style=”font-weight: bold;”>Key or Switch Operation:</div>
<div class=”c_50″>Key</div>

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