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Our mobility scooters in the UK are made from the finest and most durable materials. These special scooters are designed to last for many years to help people like you live normally and independently.

MobiQuip Mobility Scooters in the UK

Our mobility scooters here at MobiQuip come in different shapes, sizes, battery life and carrying capacity. For example, some of the scooters we offer can travel up to 10 miles while others have a battery life that stretches up to 36 miles. We also offer scooters that have a carrying capacity of 10 to 35 stones.

Choose from an extensive selection of mobility scooters just right for you, here at MobiQuip. You can easily find a model for sale that can meet your needs and demands.

Value for your money!

Don’t let your physical limitations prevent you from enjoying the bounties of life. With the right kind of mobility scooters, you can once again do things like going to the grocery, seeing your favourite movie in the cinema, high street shopping, doing simple household chores, and discovering new things everywhere you go.

We pride ourselves on the affordable prices of our mobility scooters. And rest assured you are making a great long term investment as these specialised scooters are highly durable, made from premium-quality materials. Get the best mobility solution for less today!

Physical disability affects more than 11 million individuals in the UK. The Majority of these disabilities stems from old age, debilitating accidents, and severe health problems. Fortunately, even if you or your family member is diagnosed with a temporary or permanent physical disability, you still have a chance to enjoy life and do things like travelling and visiting your loved one’s homes with a mobility scooter.

Order today and get delivery plus installation service free of charge. Check out each type of mobility scooter we offer by clicking each item below.

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