The Value Of Independence

For those with long-term mobility issues, or those who have recently become far less mobile, the effect on their mental and emotional health cansuffer as they feel highly reliant on others to help them to carry out everyday tasks.

Many people become increasingly frustrated at not being able to do things independently,and this can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation from the outside world which can severely affect mental health in the long term.

With so many people suffering from feelings of loneliness here in the UK, helping a loved one to regain a sense of independence is essential to their overall wellbeing.

Getting back some of this freedom and allowing them to get out and about safely to visit friends, pick up a newspaper and start to enjoy life outdoors once more can offer a real boost to their self confidence and help them to be more self-sufficient, so mobility scooters are a great solution to help them back on their way to independence.

Compact and easy to use, mobility scooters allow those with mobility problems to leave their home without assistance and carry out daily tasks that many of us take for granted. The ability to pick up a few groceries without having to ask a family member or friendly neighbour increases confidence, boosts independence and allows far more social interaction than would be the case if they were unable to leave the house.

Meeting friends for a coffee can help fight off depression and reduce feelings of isolation which many individuals can experience if they are unable to travel short distances to engage with others without having to ask someone else for help.

For friends and family members, knowing that your loved one is able to leave the house to pick up a prescription, post a letter or just get out to enjoy some time away from the house mean that they don’t need to worry about them feeling down about their inability to carry out tasks outside the home themselves.

Lightweight, easy to operate and available for various heights, weights and with various safety features, mobility scooters can give a new lease of life and help regain lost independence thanks to their stable outdoor performance and manoeuvrability.

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