excel g explorer

Excel G Explorer Wheelchair Reviewed & Ratings

The Excel G-Explorer Wheelchair has it all!

excel g explorerKnowing which wheelchair is going to offer the best durability, build quality and ride comfort when browsing online can be tricky, but here at Mobiquip, we’ve discovered one stand out winner for the durability and comfort award this year… the Excel G Explorer.

Our Excel G Explorer all-terrain wheelchair has been one of our best-selling models in 2018, and with very good reason.

Not only does this wheelchair offer superior build quality suitable for users up to 18 stone, it also has a variable seat size selection including 16, 18- and 20-inch seats for added comfort making it suitable for anyone from 5ft to 6ft 5”.

Our customers tell us that one of the biggest issues they’ve encountered when selecting a wheelchair is the inability to find a model that offers more than one seat size. A seat size that comes up too small makes the wheelchair too uncomfortable to use, whereas too big and the user can be jolted around and feel unsafe when out and about, so the Excel-G Explorer has completely removed this problem and given customers the choice they need to ensure they’re completely happy with their purchase.

What also makes this safe and sturdy chair is the exceptional build quality. Thanks to the chairs chunky mountain bike style rear tyres, there’s no terrain that’s too tough for this well-made chair to tackle. From canal towpaths to country lanes, owners of the Excel G Explorer are free to roam wherever they like without the worry that their wheelchair isn’t fit for the journey.

No terrain too tough for Excel G Explorer

Even sand, gravel and grass are no challenge for the Excel G Explorer!

Although this robust chair is well-built and sturdy enough for the larger user, it’s also incredibly lightweight thanks to its clever easy liftable and foldable designed frame making it the perfect partner for those days out, regardless if your heading into town or for a little peace and quiet in the country.

Available in silver or black and complete with a 12-month warranty, MobiQuip also offers our customers 3 months insurance free of charge and can have this great model delivered to your door in just two days.

Try the Excel G Explorer for 14 days with our money back guarantee, and if you don’t love it, we’ll provide you with a full refund.

But with so many happy customers raving about this sturdy go-anywhere model, we doubt you’ll be anything but 100% satisfied with your new wheelchair.