Pride iGo Powerchair Reviewed

Competitors show that they’re no match for the Pride iGo

Powerchair manufacturer Pride are without a doubt one of the most innovative and reputable producers of powerchairs. Although there have been several attempts at replicating the amazingly lightweight Pride iGo powerchair, they’ve been unable to compete with this model in terms of quality.

Powerchairs are generally considered to be bulky, heavy and difficult to stow away in the boot of cars, but the Pride iGo has delighted customers thanks to its ease of manoeuvrability making it the ideal powerchair for the active user.

One of the key features that makes the Pride iGo stand out from lower quality imitations is the advanced folding technology that allows the chair to be collapsed down so that it can be stored under seats or pulled alone when not in use.

Folding in very much the same way as a pushchair, our users have been delighted in just how quick and easy it is to collapse the powerchair, and with two stabiliser legs available when in the folded position, the chair can easily be put away in storage areas and save on valuable space too!

A durable seating system and front suspension also mean that the iGo offers a smooth and comfortable ride over several different terrains, so you can travel anywhere without being subjected to jolts and bumps.

And if you’re popping into town for a few essentials, then the clever under-seat storage means that you won’t have to worry about transporting cumbersome shopping bags home with you either.

The iGo boasts lithium lightweight batteries as you’d expect from a quality powerchair, but with this superior model, you have the option to charge your batteries either on or off the chair for added convenience and ease.

For a limited time, it’s now easier and more affordable to get your own Pride iGo. MobiQuip are offering a service where a friendly and professional member of the team will deliver, unpack, assemble and remove any unwanted boxes or packaging free of charge!

They’ll also set up your new Pride iGo powerchair for you and show you the ropes so that you can get to grips with your new purchase and ask any questions before trying out your brand new powerchair for yourself.

This service normally costs £79, but for a limited time, you can enjoy this same great MobiQuip service free of charge.

” The IGO is the future of powerchairs! With it being so lightweight it’s easily accessible transporting in and out of the car, the IGO’s new folding technology also allows you to store it away with not having much space at home. Love being out and about now as the suspension works fantastic giving you a smooth ride and always feeling safe and sturdy. MobiQuip offer a great service, they delivered my powerchair and assembled it for me even showing me how it works, all free of charge. The staff were very friendly and professional,  We can’t thank them enough for their help”.

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