Rascal Veo Mobility Scooter Review

Rascal VEO Mobility Scooter Review

Rascal VEO Mobility Scooter Rated & Reviewed

The Rascal Veo Mobility Scooter is a strong, versatile and stable travel scooter from Electric Mobility. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Manufactured for everyday use, this is a product that offers excellent portability. It is easy to dismantle and assemble. This makes it perfect for individuals who love to travel because you can take it anywhere you want in your car or by any other transportation means.

The scooter’s wireless connectors enhance its simplicity. Additionally, all the locking parts provide a seamless grip and fast release. Other beneficial features the Rascal Veo scooter offers include:


  • Plenty of leg room – One of the most striking features of the Rascal Veo Mobility Scooter has got to be adequate legroom. This makes it a practical choice for all types of users, especially those with long legs.
  • Controls that are easy to use – This makes driving effortless without sacrificing on manoeuvrability or quality.
  • A stylish look – Its contemporary styling gives you a sense of pride as you cruise along in the scooter. You will also be happy to note that the scooter is highly manoeuvrable.
  • Adjustable delta bar tiller – This is one of the most exciting features of the scooter. It gives you the freedom to identify the ideal position to use for the trip.
  • Comfortable swivel seat – This is padded for enhanced comfortability. The adjustable armrests also come in handy when transitioning in and out of the mobility scooter
  • Top-range travel features – These include a maximum range of 18.5 km and a top speed of 6.4km/h.
  • Long battery life – Rascal Veo operates on 2x14Ah giving you excellent power. The battery pack is removable facilitating off-board charging. The Dashboard also comes with a battery indicator, so that you can know the level of charge you are operating on.
  • Extra wide tires add to its appeal – This can move well on both rough and smooth surfaces. Rascal Veo Mobility Scooter boasts of Self-centering Magnetic Stabiliser Wheel Technology.
  • Tiller mounted basket – This allows you to carry a few belongings.
  • Longevity – You can use this scooter for many years taking advantage of the independence and freedom it has to offer. Just be sure to operate and maintain it in accordance with its manual.


Specifications of the Rascal Veo Mobility Scooter

At a glance, other details of the scooter you need to know include:

  • The maximum kerb height is 5cm.
  • Ground clearance – 5cm.
  • It has an overall length of 108cm.
  • Type Class is B/2.
  • Overall width – 60 cm.
  • Weight- 48.5 kg.
  • Maximum rider weight – 18 stone.
  • Available in different colours i.e. Yellow and Orange.


Without a doubt, the Rascal Veo Mobility Scooter is a product that has been designed for user’s convenience. It offers a respectable range, good speed, great stability, convenient controls, and extended weight limits. This can be used by seniors, persons with mobile disabilities, or any other adult who feels like they need a mobility scooter in their lives. The scooter is one of its kind worth the investment. Not only does it look amazing, but it also functions impeccably well.  It has a solid rating of 4.85/5.