Jazzy j600es Powerchair

Jazzy J600 ES Powerchair Review

Jazzy J600ES Powerchair Rated & Reviewed

Compact, stable, manoeuvrable, comfortable, powerful, responsive, easy to operate, and great value for money. These are just a few words used to describe the Jazzy J600ES Powerchair.

The Manufacturers really went above and beyond with this model. Some of the features you can expect to enjoy with this incredible Powerchair include:


  • Large 14-inch drive wheels – These are quite a hit with this product. Offering remarkable traction on various surfaces, the wheels are put in place to enhance performance. This makes the chair an excellent selection for outdoor use. Powerful torque responsive motors compliment the wheels. This works perfectly for the chair, allowing it to handle bumpier grounds without difficulty.


It is not to say that this is not a great indoors chair. It offers a mid-wheel drive. This way, you can manoeuvre narrow doorways and corridors. Moreover, the powerchair allows you to turn on the spot.


  • AXT suspension – If you are worried about comfort, stop at once. The J600ES comes with uprated ATX suspension making it possible for you to kick back and enjoy pure bliss. The ride becomes much better thanks to the comfortable luxurious large captain style padded chair.


The seat is available in 3 different depths i.e. 20, 18, and 16 inches.  This gives you an option to pick the one you find most suitable. Depending on the width you choose, it is possible to adjust the depth to enjoy greater comfort.

  • OMNI- Casters, and Easy Access Free Wheel – The casters are designed to prevent annoying hang-ups when you are climbing. Users will also appreciate the fact that they can access freewheel levers with ease, perfect when a caregiver is helping out.
  • Jazzy J600ES Powerchair folds flats making things a lot easier when you want to store or transport the chair.
  • Impressive battery capacity – You do not have to be scared that the Jazzy J600ES Powerchair will leave you stranded in the middle of your journey. It uses 50Ah batteries. With a single charge, you can go as far as 18.6 miles.
  • Sleek design – The powerchair has a beautiful design that you will love at first sight. The chair has also been made to last for long. When well-taken care of, you do not need to go back to the store to have it replaced or even repaired.
  • Adjustable armrests.


Jazzy J600ES Powerchair Specifications

To further understand the type of powerchair the J600ES is, here are some of the important specifications to note.

  • Maximum speed – 4mph.
  • Weight capacity – 21 stone.
  • Length – 90.2 cm.
  • Width – 62.2 cm.
  • Ground clearance – 7 cm.
  • Weight 125kg and 56.1 kg (without battery).
  • Turning radius – 52.1cm.
  • Crash tested.
  • Colours available – black, blue, red.


While the market may offer you multiple powerchair options, nothing quite stands out like the Jazzy J600ES Powerchair. This is the product to reach for, if you are looking for outstanding stability and excellent performance. With an upgrade on the Jazzy Select 6 model, you can trust that the manufacturer took time to present a powerchair that users will value and enjoy using for a long time. The powerchair gets a rating of 4.9/5.