Strident Batteries, Keeping Your Mobility Scooter Running

Once you’ve decided on the kind of mobility scooter that might work for you, it’s important to fine tune the parts so that it runs perfectly, allowing you to get out and about without any issues in your day to day life. One incredibly important element you’ll need to think about when adding to your mobility scooter is a battery. When you look for one, you’ll need to find one that’s long-lasting, holds its charge well and improves the overall performance of your scooter. 


One brand that you should put on your radar is Strident batteries. From their humble beginnings in the 1930s, today they’ve become a market leader in powering a whole range of useful items, including your mobility scooter. Affordable, powerful and completely reliable, we take a look at how Strident batteries are leading the way – and the ways in which you could benefit from investing in one. 


Why choose a Strident battery?

According to Strident, not all batteries are equal to the task. The brand merges quality service and quality products to develop their range of batteries, in order to give customers the very best in performance and technology. 


Each battery has undergone thorough testing to ensure they perform to a high number of cycles. Strident also manufactures their batteries right here in the UK – Norfolk, to be exact. This means you can trust that quality workmanship has gone into the build of each one. 


Let’s get technical 

Don’t worry, we’ll make this really easy to understand. There are four main elements that go into a Strident battery. Each one is vital to the performance and overall quality, and is what makes Strident batteries so good.

Valve Regulated 

This describes the highest specification of valve equipment, which is used in order to allow the required level of venting. This is both in use and during the charge process, which means the battery will work safely and efficiently each time you use it. 

Quality Assured

As we’ve already touched upon, no Strident battery leaves their HQ without it having undergone stringent quality control during the manufacture and pre-despatch stages. This is to ensure you receive the most reliable source of power possible. They also operate a strict FIFO stock rotation system, so that the battery reaches you in peak condition. 

Plate Separator

To increase the battery life and its efficiency, Strident uses superior glass matting to ensure consistent plate contact. This is a critical component to high performing batteries. 


Plate Composition

To give each battery superior performance, they use purified lead specifically blended with critical conductive properties. 

When choosing a Strident battery with Mobiquip today, you’re gaining access to a superior quality service. This is because we have developed a strong working relationship with Strident and are now recognised as a key supplier of their goods and services. 


Discover the full range here, and if you need to find out more about any of the batteries on offer then  email us 24 hours a day or give us a call on (0800) 118 2625. We also offer a 14 day money back guarantee satisfaction policy and 12 months warranty on any battery we supply to you.