The type of expert skills required to help assess mobility equipment

Finding the right mobility equipment for your needs can be an incredibly difficult task, particularly as so many of us lack the skills needed to understand the differences between different types of mobility kit, and how to choose the ones which are most appropriate.

To help you understand these special skills, let’s take a closer look at the expertise required to assess mobility equipment…

Extensive Experience

At MobiQuip, our team brings years of experience understanding mobility equipment from both a technical standpoint and a more holistic, customer-led approach. Each customer has unique needs, and we understand how important it is to remember this throughout the process of researching potential mobility equipment. This can only be gained through practical experience – and takes time to develop. We have spent years getting to know the various forms of mobility equipment on the market – and are proud to represent the pinnacle of professional knowledge in this arena.

Strong Industry Links

As well as having developed unrivalled experience in the mobility industry, MobiQuip is also proud to have forged strong links to the mobility industry, giving us direct access to the latest news and latest mobility products. Knowing the key manufacturers and brands is one of the most significant elements of working in this sector, as it allows a complete assessment of pros and cons. In turn, this ensures we can be confident we are connecting customers with the right product for them. Having such great links with partners also means we’re able to offer competitive pricing across our product range.

Design Knowledge

Great design is a pre-requisite of effective mobility equipment, providing the flexibility and ease of use which modern mobility users demand. Myriad different factors will need to be taken into consideration, including whether the mobility kit will be used indoors or out, is for permanent or occasional use, and the physical abilities of the end user. In addition, a plethora of other considerations such as the storage conditions of a particular mobility product must also be noted. Even factors such as the type of residence, whether it’s a house or flat, with a ramp or steps, a bath or shower, should inform the choice of design.

Customer care

A customer-led focus is essential for those seeking to take on an advisory role, especially an advisory role which concerns such a pivotal part of a customer’s life. Assessing mobility equipment requires compassion and understanding of each person’s needs – and the ability to communicate clearly and considerately. This level of customer care should be paramount regardless of whether the assessor is handling a query online, over the phone or in person. Great customer care combines all the important principles required of a mobility equipment assessor by keeping the focus firmly on how the customer can be assisted by any given piece of equipment. This also helps ensure that all decisions are made from a viewpoint of truthful and useful knowledge.

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